Max Speed

Basic culture and values

We have a culture at its core transcends customer expectations through excellence in logistics. We are very strict in our commitment to this task.

Who are we?

MaxSpeed Company seeks to be one of the largest companies to provide highly efficient enterprises with specialized solutions and global high value logistics system design techniques and to reduce costs related to meeting customer service levels to be achieved while maximizing the utility of the enterprise. Working hard to achieve operational excellence and continuous improvement to improve quality, customer satisfaction and staff safety


Warehousing Service

Develop flexible design to receive and manage goods, provide value-added storage services to suit all of your requirements

Packaging Service

MaxSpeed is developing marketing programs and packaging and assembly services with client accreditation to extract maximum value from their inventory

Transportation Service

Max Speed has integrated solutions to keep the flow of goods and the supply chain healthy, free of disruption and interruption, and to turn ease of distribution service into a thoughtful management

Manage Relationship with Supplier

MaxSpeed services “supplier relationship management” as it is one of the most difficult, complex and expensive processes

Client Relationship Management

Max Speed for marketing services, including identifies the target client, how it is approached and how marketing campaigns are managed

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